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I have been teaching elementary music and band for 7 years.  I grew up outside of Altamont, KS and graduated from Labette County High School.  I received my Bachelor of Music Education degree from Kansas State University in 2009, with a minor in Anthropology (emphasis in linguistics).  I was very active in marching band, several concert bands and ensembles, the clarinet studio, and band sorority.  In 2014, I completed my Master's degree in Music Education and Band Conducting.  Music is such an important part of daily life, and an integral part of every society on the planet.  I love using music to reach my students and seeing them enjoy music in different ways is so amazing!  Thank you for letting me share my love of music with your students.


Recent Posts

6th Grade Variety Show

Th6th grade variety show will be held on February 21.  Students must audition in order to participate in the show.  Auditions will be held during school on Jan. 31, Feb. 1, and Feb. 2.  An after-school audition will also be held on Feb. 2 from 3:30-4:30.
Please see note for more information.

Successful Music Program

Thank you to all how participated in the 4th grade music program!  You all did such a wonderful job and we have gotten LOTS of compliments from family members, friends, teachers, and other school employees.  Your hard work has paid off!
Thank you to all of the parents who took the time to bring your children to the concert, and an extra thanks if you brought a special honored guest with you.
Of course, thank you to all of our veterans!  Without you, our concert would not have been possible!  You are our greatest heros!!!!

Happy School Year!

The new school year is off to another great start in the music classes!  
Grades K-4 have been exploring the awesome new curriculum called "Quaver's Marvelous World."  It is a fun, fast-paced web-based program that uses today's technology to teach classic music concepts like meter, beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, voice parts, instrument families, and music history.
Kindergarten has been focusing on music and sounds that have a beat, and others that have no beat.  We've also learned different ways to keep a steady beat, like clapping your hands, stomping your feet, blinking your eyes, patting your head, and countless more!  Ask your student to find a way to keep the beat to the music on your radio the next time you are in the car.  Now, we are working on our whispering, talking, singing, and shouting voices.  Ask them to demonstrate!
First grade has been working on steady beat, too, but also how strong and weak beats effect the meter of the music.  We are currently working conducting, marching/walking, and singing in the meters of 2 and 4.  Ask them to show you how they march in a meter of 2 or walk in a meter of 4!
The second graders are experts at meter, and can easily distinguish the difference between meters of 2, 3, or 4!  They have learned how to march, waltz, walk, and samba to the beat, depending on which meter they are in.  Ask them to tell you everything they know about Strauss and "The Blue Danube."
Third grade has spent the beginning of the year learning about meter and rhythm.  We have built ostinatos, improvised on instruments and with our bodies.  Soon we will be learning about different voice types.
The fourth graders in Mrs. Lunt's, Mrs. Rutherford's, Mrs. Hayes' and Mr. McFall's classes have been busy since day 1 working on our upcoming program.  It will be a salute to the veteran's in our families and community and will showcase patriotic songs old, and new!  The program will be on Thursday, November 10 at 7:00 in the CES Multi-purpose room.  Look for a note with more details coming soon!
The band students have been just as busy as the general music students.  On August 31, we had the wonderful experience of hearing and seeing the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra in concert.  They performed a concert full of music that was based of folk stories and legends.  It was very fun, exciting, and a great learning experience.  I'm sure the parents have heard all about it!
The beginning band students have learned how to correctly assemble and clean their instruments.  We are starting with books this week.  If your band student still does not have a book, contact Mrs. Mitchell for more information.  All students will need their own band book to participate in class!
We are busy, busy, busy and don't plan on slowing down any time soon!  Check back for more updates!

4th grade Band Parent meeting

If you are a parent of a 4th grade student that is interested in taking band as their music class in 5th grade, there will be an informational band meeting on Tuesday, May 19.
We will discuss the importance of music in your student's life, how to choose the right instrument, and the purchasing and renting processes.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact me by phone at the school, or email me at
I can't wait to start band in the fall with all my new band students!

Band Concert

There was a mistype in the CES newsletter that just went out at the end of last week.  The 5th/6th grade band concert will still be on Monday, May 4 at 7:00 PM in the CES Multipurpose Room.

Winter Program Approaching!

Mrs. Mitchell's fourth graders will be performing Crazy Carols! on Tuesday, December 2 at 7:00 PM in the CES Multipurpose Room.  
These are not your typical Christmas carols!  Students and teachers alike are busy getting ready for the big two-week vacation, but it's not all fun and games.  Final exams and looming snow days are still to come!  The concert even includes the world premiere of a song arranged by students from Mrs. McClelland's, Mr. McFall's, and Mrs. Hayes' classes!

Christmas Concert Approaching!

Hopefully your student has brought home the note regarding the 5th and 6th grade band concert.  If not, the concert will be Thursday, December 4 at 7:00 in the CES Multipurpose Room.
Students need to arrive by 6:45 to be fully prepared.  The dress code is outlined in the syllabus.
On the 6th grade band's website, you will find links to two of the concert pieces we will be playing this season.  Students are encouraged to listen to the clips during practice sessions.
Happy practicing!