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3rd Graders Featured in International Webinar

Third grade students from Mr. Gullick, Mrs. Smith, and Ms. Caviness' classes were challenged with learning the choreography to the song "Almost Summertime," one of the "songs of the month" in Mrs. Mitchell's music class.  Once the dance was learned, it was recorded by student volunteers and submitted to Quaver's Marvelous World of Music.
This music program is used by teachers all over the country and all over the world as part of their schools' music curriculum.  Community Elementary School has been using the program for 2 years.  This high-energy, fast-paced, all-engaging program has become a favorite for many students at the elementary school.
On Tuesday, May 9, Quaver and his friends Austin Otto and Gwenda traveled with the student around the world on their annual "Digital Field Trip" to learn different dances around the world.  Students learned the tango in Argentina, the kathak in India, and clogging in Appalachia.  Then they "traveled" back home to watch a compilation video of different schools perform "Almost Summertime."  Community Elementary School was 1 of 17 schools chosen to be a part of the video that has been seen by 50,000+ students around the world!  The students are featured twice throughout the song (27:34 and 27:52), and can be viewed until the end of June.
Congratulations to Mrs. Mitchell and the 3rd grade students!
Click here to view the viedo: